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Designing a garden is never a whipped-up job.

Designing a green area according to the customer’s brief requires extensive expertise that concern not just botany but architecture and engineering, landscaping and climate as well.

It is essential that the layouts and colours of the different plants are in perfect harmony with each other and combine into a naturally-pleasant setting, regardless of their size.

Even a small garden may be nice if the trees and shrubs are arranged in a way that creates perspective effects playing on combinations, carefully selecting each material and taking time to set up some quaint corners.

In over twenty years where we have been working all over Italy and where we have been engaged in some major jobs in Europe as well, we have acquired a wide range of countless experiences. Jobs that we carried out in every cultural, morphological or logistic condition, from old city centres to the countryside, from the seaside to the hills.

But any new situation in which we work is like no other: each one is a new challenge that makes us face it with unfailing enthusiasm in the attempt to create pleasant settings and provide appropriate solutions that help improve people’s living standards in keeping with the local environment and natural landscape.

Euroambiente is SOA-certified for design and building – class V.

We outsource our designs or design our projects ourselves through our own ‘design division’, which includes:

  • no 2 architects
  • no 4 graduates in agricultural science
  • no 2 graduates in forestry science
  • no 1 graduate in landscape gardening and urban landscape management
  • no 1 graduate in plant growing
  • no 3 land surveyors

The attention that has been increasingly paid by our customers, over the last decade, to environmental sustainability and the preservation of the natural heritage has led Euroambiente to develop some disciplines since the very beginning, both on its own and through third parties, about “technical gardens”, “research and innovation” and “maintenance", which have made it Italy’s undisputed leader.