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Company Profile - Euroambiente
Euroambiente is a company of Gruppo Zelari specialising in the design and development of landscape gardening projects (industrial, residential, tourism, etc ...), sporting facilities (football pitches, golf courses , etc ...), landscape planning and management projects and environmental engineering projects, with a focus on eco-sustainable solutions, irrigation systems, land filling systems, vegetation barriers for highly skilled personnel.

This is, then a veritable "landscape engineering" business, concerning the use of design and development technology in which reasoned spaces are laid out and suitable materials are used, while protecting the typical local vegetation to recreate the environment that is man's main space.

Gruppo Zelari's long and diverse experience in a wide range of landscaping projects has enabled Euroambiente to develop extensive expertise in the problems of environmental protection.

Any kind of landscaping project actually involves a great care for the natural and human conditions of the place that will have to accommodate the new plants, in keeping with its original features.

The company is currently partner to scientific research groups in the study of innovative raw materials and solutions for sporting facilities and landscape gardening applications.
Under an agreement with the Laboratory of Forest Botany of the Department of Vegetal Biology of Florence University, it has been engaged in researching and testing new potential applications of vegetal barriers to fight noise pollution.

It can rely on the technical and scientific support of the Department of Agronomy and Management of the Agro-Ecosystem of Pisa University for turf planting and maintenance.
In partnership with the Department of Civil Engineering at Florence University, it has recently completed a research project on the "testing of reuses of wastewater in agriculture".
Its clientele includes private and public organisations, banks, tourist agencies, building contractors and private citizens. The company works all over Italy, and its most prestigious projects have been published by many landscape gardening magazines.
For all its outdoor projects, the company has its own technical landscape department specialising in design and skilled technicians acting as project managers (agronomists, forest experts, land surveyors).