Zelari Group

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"Gruppo Zelari" consists of differentiated companies in order to provide a wide range of services in agriculture, green areas and urban landscaping as well as to the building industry, relying on a synergism between its members, based on the interaction of their respective areas of expertise.

The Zelari family began their traditional plant- and flower-growing business in 1953 with the "Zelari" Farm.
Currently it produces ornamental plants on a surface of approximately 150 hectares over two major areas, the pedoclimatic features of which are suitable for the plants grown there.

The wholesale business takes place all over Italy and Europe, and it is especially in Europe that it is trying hardest to acquire a leading position by setting up partnerships with specialist companies that sell the company's products.
The search for more competitiveness and the goal of extending its range of services led the Zelari farm to add two facilities, specialising:
  • In urban landscaping and development of green areas
  • In building and property developments.
The limited-liability Euroambiente was established in 1979 and works in the design, building, management and maintenance of green areas and urban landscaping, while the limited-liability ITAF was founded in 1986 and is engaged in building, scheduled and unscheduled property maintenance and property management contracts.