Noise Barries

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The development of communication network crossing wide populated areas without a proper protection is the main cause of the increasing problem of the acoustic pollution.

The sound-absorbing barriers are acoustic pollution protection works aimed to minimize the environmental impact of this works themselves.

Maccaferri green barriers satisfy the need of acoustic mitigation by inserting also an ornamental element in the landscape.

Maccaferri experience joined to Euroambiente's, expert of sport facilities and  green works, in planning and management of the landscape, have created Baerma  a new concept of sound-absorbing barrier to complete the solutions range available.
Even occupying small surfaces, thanks to the specific characteristics of the artificial soil properly studied, Baerma favours the growth of plants and bushes also on slopes of more than 80°.
Baerma system is studied case by case to offer always the best solution through a proper technical executive designing, a support to choose the most proper environmental solution always aiming to satisfy the most demanding durability specifications in fast installation.

The acoustic insulating class of Baerma corresponds to category B3 - more than 63 dB; while the reflection index is category A - with DLRI = 7dB (UNI EN 1793-2:1999, prospect A.1).

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